The Catchment Area People Coverage

Countries (Airports see below)

We are covering continental Europe from Portugal to Scandinavia and from Greece to Ireland on the smallest administrative level providing population data (Eurostat LAU-2 and similar for non-EU). We are also covering the neighboring regions in the CIS (parts of Russia, complete Belarus, Moldova and the Ukraine) for cross-border analyses. Turkey is not covered.

map showing coverage

Aside usage of OpenStreetMap's Administrative Boundaries and Leaflet, we appreciate the support by the Cadastre Administrations of Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom kindly providing us the data needed to cover those countries.

We invest a lot of time covering for bugs in the data. Should you find any discrepancies in your analysis, please let us know and we will make sure to cover for those as quickly as possible.


We currently have 1027 European airports on file, out of which we have analyses for 667. These airports cover contintental Europe including the Balkan, Ukraine, Belarus and the Western Oblasts of Russia.
We also have some special codes for cities where two airports are managed by the same owner: Berlin (BER), Cyprus (CY0), Milan (MIL), Paris (PAR) and ROME (ROM).

The 428 non-supported ones are airports that have an IATA code, but for which we have either no passenger numbers or that are not open for commercial flights. This may change, so if you miss a certain airport for your analysis, please simply let us know!

Within the interactive maps on our page, you can zoom in and out and click on the airport of your choice to request the analysis for it. The following list is primarily meant to allow you the search (CTRL-F) for a specific airport code or name you might have in mind. As such, we appreciate your understanding for this rather complex list.

Country Code Airportname Country Code Airportname
AL LAKU Kukës International Airport Shaikh Zayed AL TIA Tirana International Airport
AT GRZ Graz Airport AT INN Innsbruck Airport
AT KLU Klagenfurt Airport AT LNZ Linz Airport
AT SZG Salzburg Airport AT VIE Vienna International Airport
BA BNX Banja Luka International Airport BA OMO Mostar International Airport
BA SJJ Sarajevo International Airport BA TZL Tuzla International Airport
BE ANR Antwerp Airport BE BRU Brussels National Airport
BE CRL Brussels South Charleroi Airport BE KJK Flanders International Airport
BE LGG Liege Airport BE OST Ostend-Bruges International Airport
BG BOJ Burgas Airport BG GOZ Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport
BG PDV Plovdiv Airport BG SOF Sofia Airport
BG VAR Varna Airport CH ACH St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport
CH BRN Berne Airport CH BSL Basel Mulhouse Airport
CH GVA Geneva Airport CH LUG Lugano Airport
CH ZRH Zurich Airport CY LCA Larnaka Airport
CY PFO Pafos Airport CZ BRQ Brno
CZ KLV Karlovy Vary CZ OSR Ostrava Leos Janacek Airport
CZ PED Pardubice Airport CZ PRG Prague Václav Havel Airport
DE BRE Bremen Airport DE BWE Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport
DE CGN Cologne/Bonn Airport DE DRS Dresden Airport
DE DTM Dortmund Airport DE DUS Dusseldorf Airport
DE EME Emden Airport DE ERF Erfurt-Weimar Airport
DE FCN Sea-Airport Cuxhaven/Nordholz DE FDH Friedrichshafen Airport
DE FKB Baden Airpark DE FMM Memmingen Airport
DE FMO Muenster Osnabrueck Airport DE FRA Frankfurt Airport
DE GWT Sylt Airport DE HAJ Hannover Langenhagen Airport
DE HAM Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt DE HDF Heringsdorf Airport
DE HGL Helgoland Airport DE HHN Frankfurt Hahn Airport
DE HOQ Hof-Plauen Airport DE KSF Kassel Calden Airport
DE LBC Luebeck Airport DE LEJ Leipzig Halle Airport
DE MHG Mannheim City Airport DE MUC Munich Airport
DE NRN Weeze Airport DE NUE Nuremberg Airport
DE PAD Paderborn Lippstadt Airport DE RLG Rostock Laage Airport
DE SCN Saarbruecken Airport DE SGE Siegerland Airport
DE STR Stuttgart Airport DE SXF Berlin Schönefeld Airport
DE TXL Berlin Tegel Airport DK AAL Aalborg Airport
DK AAR Aarhus Airport DK BLL Billund Airport
DK BYR Læsø Airport DK CPH Copenhagen Airport
DK EBJ Esbjerg Airport DK KRP Midtjyllands Airport
DK MRW Lolland Falster Airport DK ODE Odense Airport
DK RKE Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde DK RNN Bornholm Airport
DK SGD Sønderborg Airport DK STA Stauning Vestjylland Airport
DK TED Thisted Airport EE EEKU Kihnu Airfield
EE EERU Ruhnu Airfield EE EPU Pärnu Airport
EE KDL Kärdla Airport EE TAY Tartu-Ülenurme Airport
EE TLL Tallinn-Ülemiste Airport EE URE Kuressaare Airport
ES ABC Albacete Airport (AENA) ES ACE Lanzarote Arrecife Airport
ES AEI Algeciras Heliport ES AGP Málaga Airport (AENA)
ES ALC Alicante Airport ES BCN Barcelona El Prat Airport
ES BIO Bilbao Airport ES BJZ Badajoz Airport
ES CDT Aeropuerto de Castellón-Costa Azahar ES EAS San Sebastián Airport
ES FUE Fuerteventura El Matorral Airport ES GMZ La Gomera Airport
ES GRO Girona-Costa Brava Airport ES GRX Federico García Lorca Airport
ES HSK Huesca-Pirineos Airport ES IBZ Ibiza Airport
ES ILD Lleida-Alguaire Airport ES JCU Ceuta Heliport
ES LCG A Coruña Airport ES LEI Almería Airport
ES LEN León Airport ES LESB Son Bonet Aerodrome
ES LEU La Seu d'Urgell Airport ES LPA Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport
ES MAD Madrid Barajas International Airport ES MAH Minorca Airport
ES MJV Murcia-San Javier Airport ES MLN Melilla Airport
ES ODB Córdoba Airport ES OVD Asturias Airport
ES PMI Palma de Mallorca Airport ES PNA Pamplona-Nóain Airport
ES REU Reus Airport ES RGS Burgos Airport
ES RJL Logroño-Agoncillo Airport ES SCQ Santiago de Compostela Airport
ES SDR Santander Airport ES SLM Salamanca Airport
ES SPC La Palma Airport ES SVQ Seville Airport
ES TFN Tenerife North Airport ES TFS Tenerife South Airport
ES TOJ Torrejón de Ardoz Airport ES VDE El Hierro Airport
ES VGO Vigo-Peinador Airport ES VIT Vitoria Airport
ES VLC Valencia Airport ES VLL Valladolid Airport
ES XRY Jerez Airport ES ZAZ Zaragoza Airport
FI ENF Enontekiö Airport FI HEL Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
FI IVL Ivalo Airport FI JOE Joensuu Airport
FI JYV Jyväskylä Airport FI KAJ Kajaani Airport
FI KAO Kuusamo Airport FI KEM Kemi-Tornio Airport
FI KOK Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport FI KTT Kittilä Airport
FI KUO Kuopio Airport FI LPP Lappeenranta Airport
FI MHQ Mariehamn Airport FI OUL Oulu Airport
FI POR Pori Airport FI RVN Rovaniemi Airport
FI SVL Savonlinna Airport FI TKU Turku Airport
FI TMP Tampere-Pirkkala Airport FI VAA Vaasa Airport
FO FAE Vágar Airport FR AGF Agen - La Garenne Aerodrome
FR AJA Ajaccio - Napoléon Bonaparte Airport FR ANE Angers - Loire Airport
FR ANG Angoulême Cognac Airport FR AUF Auxerre - Branches Aerodrome
FR AUR Aurillac Airport FR AVN Avignon - Caumont Airport
FR BES Brest Bretagne Airport FR BIA Bastia - Poretta Airport
FR BIQ Biarritz - Anglet - Bayonne Airport FR BOD Bordeaux - Mérignac Airport
FR BOU Bourges Airport FR BVA Beauvais - Tillé Airport
FR BVE Brive - Souillac Airport FR BYF Albert-Picardie Airport
FR BZR Béziers Cap d'Agde Airport FR CCF Carcassonne Salvaza Airport
FR CDG Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport FR CEQ Cannes - Mandelieu Airport
FR CER Cherbourg - Maupertus Airport FR CET Cholet Le Pontreau Airport
FR CFE Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport FR CFR Caen - Carpiquet Airport
FR CHR Châteauroux-Centre 'Marcel Dassault' Airport FR CLY Calvi - Sainte-Catherine Airport
FR CMF Chambéry-Savoie Airport FR CMR Colmar - Houssen Airport
FR CQF Calais–Dunkerque Airport FR CTT Le Castellet Airport
FR CVF Courchevel Aerodrome FR DCM Castres–Mazamet Airport
FR DIJ Dijon - Bourgogne Airport FR DLE Dole - Jura Airport
FR DNR Dinard - Pleurtuit - Saint-Malo Airport FR DOL Deauville - Saint-Gatien Airport
FR EBU Saint-Étienne - Bouthéon Airport FR EDM La Roche-sur-Yon Aerodrome
FR EGC Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport FR ENC Nancy - Essey Airport
FR EPL Épinal - Mirecourt Airport FR ETZ Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
FR FNI Nîmes-Alès-Camargue-Cévennes Airport FR FSC Figari Sud-Corse Airport
FR GNB Grenoble-Isère Airport FR IDY Île d'Yeu Aerodrome
FR LAI Lannion - Côte de Granit Airport FR LBI Albi-le-Sequestre Airport
FR LDE Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport FR LEH Le Havre - Octeville Airport
FR LFBF Aéroport de Toulouse-Francazal FR LFEC Ouessant Airport
FR LFHY Moulins - Montbeugny Airport FR LFOZ Orléans – Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel Airport
FR LIG Limoges - Bellegarde Airport FR LIL Lille Airport
FR LME Le Mans - Arnage Aerodrome FR LPY Le Puy - Loudes Airport
FR LRH La Rochelle - Île de Ré Airport FR LRT Lorient South Brittany Airport
FR LTQ Le Touquet - Côte d'Opale Airport FR LTT La Môle - Saint-Tropez Airport
FR LVA Laval - Entrammes Airport FR LYS Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
FR MCU Montluçon - Guéret Airport FR MLH EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg
FR MPL Montpellier - Méditerranée Airport FR MRS Marseille Provence Airport
FR MVV Megève Aerodrome FR MXN Morlaix - Ploujean Airport
FR NCE Nice Côte d'Azur Airport FR NCY Annecy - Haute-Savoie - Mont Blanc Airport
FR NIT Niort - Souché Airport FR NTE Nantes Atlantique Airport
FR NVS Nevers - Fourchambault Airport FR ORY Paris-Orly Airport
FR PGF Perpignan - Rivesaltes Airport FR PGX Périgueux - Bassillac Airport
FR PIS Poitiers - Biard Airport FR PUF Pau Pyrénées Airport
FR QBQ Besançon La Vèze Aerodrome FR QYR Troyes - Barberey Airport
FR RDZ Rodez - Marcillac Airport FR RNS Rennes - Saint-Jacques Airport
FR RPK Reims - Prunay Aerodrome FR SBK Saint-Brieuc - Armor Airport
FR SXB Entzheim (Strasbourg) FR TLN Toulon-Hyères Airport
FR TLS Toulouse - Blagnac Airport FR TUF Tours Val de Loire Airport
FR UIP Quimper - Cornouaille Airport FR URO Rouen Airport
FR VNE Vannes - Meucon Airport FR XBQ Blois - Le Breuil Airport
FR XCD Chalon - Champforgeuil Airport FR XCR Paris - Vatry Airport
FR XMF Montbéliard - Courcelles Aerodrome FR XVS Valenciennes - Denain Airport
GG ACI Alderney Airport GG GCI Guernsey Airport
GI GIB Gibraltar International Airport GR AOK Karpathos Island National Airport
GR ATH Athens International Airport GR AXD Alexandroupolis International Airport
GR CFU Corfu International Airport GR CHQ Chania International Airport
GR EFL Kefalonia International Airport GR GPA Araxos National Airport
GR HER Heraklion International Airport GR IOA Ioannina National Airport
GR JIK Ikaria Island National Airport GR JKH Chios Island National Airport
GR JKL Kalymnos Island National Airport GR JMK Mykonos Island National Airport
GR JNX Naxos Island National Airport GR JSH Sitia Public Airport
GR JSI Skiathos Island National Airport GR JSY Syros Island National Airport
GR JTR Santorini (Thira) Island National Airport GR JTY Astypalaia Island National Airport
GR KGS Kos Island International Airport GR KIT Kithira Island National Airport
GR KLX Kalamata International Airport GR KSJ Kassos Island Public Airport
GR KSO Kastoria National Airport GR KVA Kavala International Airport
GR KZI Kozani National Airport GR KZS Kastelorizo Island Public Airport
GR LRS Leros Island Public Airport GR LXS Lemnos Island International Airport
GR MJT Mytilene Island International Airport GR MLO Milos Island National Airport
GR PAS Paros Island National Airport GR PVK Aktion National Airport (Lefkada Airport)
GR RHO Rhodes Island International Airport GR SKG Thessaloniki International Airport
GR SKU Skyros Island National Airport GR SMI Samos Island International Airport
GR VOL Nea Anchialos National Airport (Volos Central Greece Airport) GR ZTH Zakynthos Island International Airport
HR BWK Brač Airport HR DBV Dubrovnik Airport
HR LSZ Lošinj Airport HR OSI Osijek Airport
HR PUY Pula Airport HR RJK Rijeka Airport
HR SPU Split Airport HR ZAD Zadar Airport
HR ZAG Zagreb Airport HU BUD Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
HU DEB Debrecen International Airport HU QGY Győr-Pér International Airport
HU SOB Hévíz-Balaton Airport IE CFN Donegal Airport
IE DUB Dublin Airport IE KIR Kerry Airport (Farranfore Airport)
IE NOC Ireland West Airport Knock IE ORK Cork Airport
IE SNN Shannon Airport IE WAT Waterford Airport
IM IOM Isle of Man Airport IS AEY Akureyri Airport
IS EGS Egilsstaðir Airport IS GJR Gjögur Airport
IS GRY Grímsey Airport IS HFN Hornafjörður Airport
IS HZK Húsavík Airport IS IFJ Ísafjörður Airport
IS KEF Keflavík International Airport IS MVA Mývatn Airport
IS RKV Reykjavík Airport IS SAK Sauðárkrókur Airport
IS THO Þórshöfn Airport IS VEY Vestmannaeyjar Airport
IS VPN Vopnafjörður Airport IT AHO Alghero-Fertilia 'Riviera del Corallo' Airport
IT ALL Albenga Airport IT AOI Marche Airport (Aeroporto delle Marche)
IT AOT Aosta Valley Airport IT BDS Brindisi-Casale 'Orazio Pierozzi' Airport
IT BGY Bergamo Orio al Serio 'Antonio Locatelli' Airport IT BLQ Bologna-Borgo Panigale 'Guglielmo Marconi' Airport
IT BRI Bari-Palese 'Karol Wojtyla' Airport IT BZO Bolzano-Dolomiti 'Francesco Baracca' Airport
IT CAG Cagliari-Elmas 'Mario Mameli' Airport IT CIA Rome Ciampino 'Giovan Battista Pastine' Airport
IT CIY Comiso 'Vincenzo Magliocco' Airport IT CTA Catania-Fontanarossa 'Vincenzo Bellini' Airport
IT CUF Cuneo-Levaldigi 'Turin Olympics' Airport IT EBA Marina di Campo 'Teseo Tesei' Airport
IT FCO Rome-Fiumicino 'Leonardo da Vinci' Airport IT FLR Florence-Peretola 'Amerigo Vespucci' Airport
IT FOG Foggia 'Gino Lisa' Airport IT GOA Genoa 'Cristoforo Colombo' Airport
IT GRS Grosseto Airport IT LIN Milan-Linate 'Enrico Forlanini' Airport
IT LMP Lampedusa Airport IT MXP Milan-Malpensa Airport
IT NAP Naples-Capodichino 'Ugo Niutta' Airport IT OLB Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport
IT PEG Perugia-Sant'Egidio 'Adamo Giuglietti' Airport IT PMF Parma 'Giuseppe Verdi' Airport
IT PMO Palermo-Punta Raisi 'Falcone & Borsellino' Airport IT PNL Pantelleria Airport
IT PSA Pisa-San Giusto 'Galileo Galilei' Airport IT PSR Pescara Abruzzo Airport
IT QSR Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport IT REG Reggio Calabria 'Tito Minniti' Airport
IT RMI Rimini-Miramare 'Federico Fellini' Airport IT SUF Lamezia Terme Airport
IT TPS Trapani-Birgi 'Vincenzo Florio' Airport IT TRN Turin-Caselle 'Sandro Pertini' Airport
IT TRS Trieste Friuli-Venezia Giulia 'Pietro Savorgnan di Brazzà' Airport IT TSF Treviso-Sant'Angelo 'Antonio Canova' Airport
IT VBS Brescia-Montichiari 'Gabriele D'Annunzio' Airport IT VCE Venice Marco Polo Airport
IT VRN Verona-Villafranca 'Valerio Catullo' Airport LT KUN Kaunas International Airport
LT PLQ Palanga International Airport LT SQQ Šiauliai International Airport (CIV/MIL)
LT VNO Vilnius International Airport LV LPX Liepāja International Airport
LV RIX Riga International Airport LX LUX Luxembourg
ME TGD Podgorica Airport (Golubovci Airport) ME TIV Tivat Airport
MK OHD Ohrid 'St. Paul the Apostle' Airport MK SKP Skopje 'Alexander the Great' Airport
MT MLA Malta International Airport NL AMS Amsterdam Airport Shiphol
NL EIN Eindhoven Airport NL GRQ Groningen Airport Eelde
NL MST Maastricht Aachen Airport NL RTM Rotterdam The Hague Airport
NO AES Ålesund Airport, Vigra NO ALF Alta Airport
NO ANX Andøya Airport, Andenes NO BDU Bardufoss Airport
NO BGO Bergen Airport, Flesland NO BJF Båtsfjord Airport
NO BNN Brønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy NO BOO Bodø Airport
NO BVG Berlevåg Airport NO EVE Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes
NO FDE Førde Airport, Bringeland NO FRO Florø Airport
NO HAA Hasvik Airport NO HAU Haugesund Airport, Karmøy
NO HFT Hammerfest Airport NO HOV Ørsta–Volda Airport, Hovden
NO HVG Honningsvåg Airport, Valan NO KKN Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen
NO KRS Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik NO KSU Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget
NO LKL Lakselv Airport, Banak NO LKN Leknes Airport
NO LYR Svalbard Airport, Longyear NO MEH Mehamn Airport
NO MJF Mosjøen Airport, Kjærstad NO MOL Molde Airport, Årø
NO MQN Mo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll NO NTB Notodden Airport, Tuven
NO NVK Narvik Airport, Framnes NO OLA Ørland Airport
NO OSL Oslo Airport, Gardermoen NO OSY Namsos Airport, Høknesøra
NO RET Røst Airport NO RRS Røros Airport
NO RVK Rørvik Airport, Ryum NO RYG Moss Airport, Rygge
NO SDN Sandane Airport, Anda NO SKE Skien Airport, Geiteryggen
NO SKN Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen NO SOG Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen
NO SOJ Sørkjosen Airport NO SRP Stord Airport, Sørstokken
NO SSJ Sandnessjøen Airport, Stokka NO SVG Stavanger Airport, Sola
NO SVJ Svolvær Airport, Helle NO TOS Tromsø Airport
NO TRD Trondheim Airport, Værnes NO TRF Sandefjord Airport, Torp
NO VAW Vardø Airport, Svartnes NO VDB Fagernes Airport, Leirin
NO VDS Vadsø Airport NO VRY Værøy Heliport
PL BZG Bydgoszcz Ignacy Jan Paderewski Airport PL GDN Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport
PL IEG Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport PL KRK John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice
PL KTW Katowice International Airport PL LCJ Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport
PL LUZ Lublin Airport PL POZ Poznan Airport
PL RZE Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport PL SZZ Solidarity Szczecin-Goleniów Airport
PL WAW Warsaw-Chopin Airport PL WMI Warsaw-Modlin Airport
PL WRO Wroclaw Airport PT BYJ Beja Airport
PT CVU Corvo Airport PT FAO Faro Airport
PT FLW Flores Airport PT FNC Funchal Madeira Airport
PT GRW Graciosa Airport PT HOR Horta Airport
PT LIS Lisbon Portela Airport PT OPO Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
PT PDL Ponta Delgada João Paulo II Airport PT PIX Pico Airport
PT PXO Porto Santo Airport PT SJZ São Jorge Airport
PT SMA Santa Maria Airport PT TER Lajes Field
RO ARW Arad International Airport RO BBU Bucharest 'Aurel Vlaicu' International Airport
RO BCM Bacău 'George Enescu' International Airport RO CLJ Cluj 'Avram Iancu' International Airport
RO CND Constanța 'Mihail Kogălniceanu' International Airport RO CRA Craiova Airport
RO IAS Iași International Airport RO OMR Oradea International Airport
RO OTP Bucharest 'Henri Coandǎ' International Airport RO SBZ Sibiu International Airport
RO SCV Suceava 'Ștefan cel Mare' Airport RO SUJ Satu Mare International Airport
RO TCE Delta Dunarii Tulcea Airport RO TGM Transilvania Târgu Mureș Airport
RO TSR Timișoara 'Traian Vuia' International Airport RS BEG Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport
RS INI Niš Constantine the Great Airport SE AGH Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport
SE AJR Arvidsjaur Airport SE ARN Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
SE BLE Borlänge Airport SE BMA Stockholm-Bromma Airport
SE EVG Sveg Airport SE GEV Gällivare Airport
SE GOT Göteborg-Landvetter Airport SE HAD Halmstad City Airport
SE HFS Hagfors Airport SE HMV Hemavan Airport
SE JKG Jönköping Airport SE KID Kristianstad Airport
SE KLR Kalmar Airport SE KRF Höga Kusten Airport
SE KRN Kiruna Airport SE KSD Karlstad Airport
SE LLA Luleå Airport SE LPI Linköping City Airport
SE LYC Lycksele Airport SE MMX Malmö-Sturup Airport
SE MXX Mora-Siljan Airport SE NRK Norrköping Airport
SE NYO Stockholm-Skavsta Airport SE OER Örnsköldsvik Airport
SE ORB Örebro Airport SE OSD Åre Östersund Airport
SE PJA Pajala Airport SE RNB Ronneby Airport
SE SDL Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport SE SFT Skellefteå Airport
SE THN Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport SE TYF Torsby Airport
SE UME Umeå Airport SE VBY Visby Airport
SE VHM South Lapland Airport SE VST Stockholm-Västerås Airport
SE VXO Växjö Airport SI LJU Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport
SI MBX Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport SI POW Portorož Airport
SK BTS Bratislava M. R. Štefánik Airport SK KSC Košice International Airport
SK PZY Piešťany Airport SK SLD Sliač Airport
SK TAT Poprad-Tatry Airport UA CWC Chernivtsi International Airport
UA DNK Dnipropetrovsk International Airport UA HRK Kharkiv International Airport
UA IEV Kyiv Zhuliany International Airport UA IFO Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport
UA KBP Kyiv Boryspil International Airport UA KHE Kherson International Airport
UA LWO Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport UA NLV Mykolaiv International Airport
UA ODS Odessa International Airport UA OZH Zaporizhia International Airport
UA SIP Simferopol Airport UA UDJ Uzhhorod International Airport
UA UMY Sumy Airport UA VIN Vinnytsia Airport
UK ABZ Aberdeen Airport UK BEB Benbecula Airport
UK BFS Belfast International Airport UK BHD Belfast George Best City Airport
UK BHX Birmingham Airport UK BOH Bournemouth Airport
UK BQH London Biggin Hill Airport UK BRR Barra Airport
UK BRS Bristol Airport UK CAL Campbeltown Airport
UK CAX Carlisle Lake District Airport UK CBG Cambridge Airport
UK CEG Hawarden Airport UK CVT Coventry Airport
UK CWL Cardiff Airport UK DND Dundee Airport
UK DSA Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield UK EDI Edinburgh Airport
UK EMA East Midlands Airport UK ESH Shoreham Airport
UK EXT Exeter International Airport UK GLA Glasgow International Airport
UK GLO Gloucestershire Airport UK HUY Humberside Airport
UK ILY Islay Airport UK INV Inverness Airport
UK ISC St Mary's Airport UK JER Jersey Airport
UK KOI Kirkwall Airport UK LBA Leeds Bradford International Airport
UK LCY London City Airport UK LDY City of Derry Airport
UK LEQ Land's End Airport UK LGW London Gatwick Airport
UK LHR London Heathrow Airport UK LPL Liverpool John Lennon Airport
UK LSI Sumburgh Airport UK LTN London Luton Airport
UK LWK Tingwall Airport UK LYX Lydd London Ashford Airport
UK MAN Manchester Airport UK MME Durham Tees Valley Airport
UK NCL Newcastle Airport UK NQY Newquay Cornwall Airport
UK NWI Norwich International Airport UK OXF London Oxford Airport
UK PIK Glasgow Prestwick International Airport UK SCS Scatsta Airport
UK SEN London Southend Airport UK SOU Southampton Airport
UK STN London Stansted Airport UK SYY Stornoway Airport
UK TRE Tiree Airport UK VLY Anglesey Airport
UK WIC Wick Airport XK PRN Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari

IGNORED Airports

Country Code Airportname Country Code Airportname
AD ALV Andorra la Vella Heliport AT HOH Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport
AT VOS Bad Vöslau Airport BE OBL Oostmalle Airfield
BE QNM Namur-Suarlee Airport BG HKV Haskovo Malevo Airport
BG JAM Bezmer Air Base BG PVN Dolna Mitropolia Air Base
BG ROU Ruse Airport BG SLS Silistra Airfield
BG SZR Stara Zagora Airport BG TGV Targovishte Airport
BG VID Vidin Airfield CH EML Emmen Air Base
CH QLS Lausanne Airport CH QNC Neuchâtel Airport
CH SIR Sion Airport CH SMV Samedan Airport
CH ZHI Grenchen Airport CH ZIN Interlaken Airport
CH ZJI Locarno Airport CY NIC Nicosia Airport
CZ GTW Holešov Airport CZ MKA Mariánské Lázně Airport
CZ OLO Neředín Airport CZ PRV Přerov Airport
CZ UHE Kunovice Airport CZ ZBE Zábřeh Airport
DE AAH Merzbrück Airport DE AGB Augsburg Airport
DE AOC Leipzig-Altenburg Airport DE BBH Stralsund Barth Airport
DE BBJ Bitburg Airport DE BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport
DE BFE Flughafen Bielefeld DE BMK Borkum Airfield
DE BNJ Bonn/Hangelar Airport DE BRV Bremerhaven Airport
DE BYU Bindlacher Berg Airport DE CBU Cottbus-Drewitz Airport
DE CSO Magdeburg Cochstedt Airport DE EIB Eisenach-Kindel Airport
DE ESS Flughafen Essen/Mülheim DE FLF Flensburg Airport
DE FNB Neubrandenburg Airport DE FRZ Fritzlar Air Base
DE GKE NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen DE HEI Heide-Büsum Airport
DE IGS Ingolstadt-Manching Airport DE KEL Kiel Airport
DE LHA Black Forest Airport DE MGL Düsseldorf Mönchengladbach Airport
DE NDZ Nordholz Air Base DE QEF Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport
DE QOE Nörvenich Air Base DE QPK Strausberg Airport
DE REB Rechlin-Lärz Airfield DE RMS Ramstein Air Base
DE SPM Spangdahlem Air Base DE SZW Schwerin-Parchim International Airport
DE THF Berlin Tempelhof Airport DE WBG Schleswig Air Base
DE WIE Wiesbaden Army Airfield DE XFW Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport
DE ZCD Bamberg Army Airfield DE ZCN Celle Air Base
DE ZMG Magdeburg City Airfield DE ZPQ Rheine-Bentlage Air Base
DE ZQW Zweibrücken Airport DK CNL Sindal Airport
DK SKS Vojens Airport DK SQW Skive Airport
ES MCV Cuatro Vientos Airport ES QSA Sabadell Airport
FI HEM Helsinki-Malmi Airport FI HYV Hyvinkää Airfield
FI KAU Kauhava Airport FI KEV Halli Airport
FI KHJ Kauhajoki Airfield FI KTQ Kitee Airfield
FI MIK Mikkeli Airport FI SJY Seinäjoki Airport
FI SOT Sodankylä Airfield FI UTI Utti Airport
FI VRK Varkaus Airport FR AHZ Alpe d'Huez Airport
FR BAE Barcelonnette - Saint-Pons Airport FR BOR Belfort - Fontaine Aerodrome
FR CNG Cognac - Châteaubernard Air Base FR CSF Creil Air Base
FR DPE Dieppe - Saint-Aubin Airport FR EVX Évreux-Fauville Air Base
FR GAT Gap - Tallard Airport FR GFR Granville - Mont Saint-Michel Aerodrome
FR HZB Merville - Calonne Airport FR IFR Istres-Le Tubé Air Base/Airport
FR JAH Aubagne - Agora Heliport FR JCA Cannes - La Croisette Heliport
FR JDP Paris - Issy-les-Moulineaux Heliport FR JEV Évry Heliport
FR JLP Juan-les-Pins Heliport FR JPU Paris - La Défense Heliport
FR JSZ Saint-Tropez - Le Pilon Heliport FR LBG Paris - Le Bourget Airport
FR LBY La Baule - Pornichet - Le Pouliguen Airport FR LDV Landivisiau Air Base
FR LSO Les Sables-d'Olonne - Talmont Airport FR LYN Lyon - Bron Airport
FR MEN Mende - Brenoux Airport FR MFX Méribel Aerodrome
FR MZM Metz - Frescaty Air Base FR OBS Aubenas Airport
FR ORE Orléans - Bricy Air Base FR POX Pontoise – Cormeilles Aerodrome
FR PRP Propriano Airport FR QAM Amiens Airport
FR QNJ Annemasse Aerodrome FR QNX Mâcon - Charnay Airport
FR QRV Arras Roclincourt Airport FR QTJ Chartres - Champhol Aerodrome
FR QXB Aix-en-Provence Aerodrome FR QZE Mont-Louis - La Quillane Aerodrome
FR RCO Rochefort - Saint-Agnant Airport FR RHE Reims - Champagne Aerodrome
FR RNE Roanne - Renaison Airport FR RYN Royan - Médis Aerodrome
FR SNR Saint-Nazaire - Montoir Airport FR SOZ Solenzara Air Base
FR SYT Saint-Yan Airport FR TNF Toussus-le-Noble Airport
FR VAF Valence - Chabeuil Airport FR VHY Vichy - Charmeil Airport
FR VTL Vittel - Champ-de-Courses Airport FR XAB Abbeville - Buigny-Saint-Maclou Aerodrome
FR XAC Arcachon - La Teste-de-Buch Airport FR XAM Amboise - Dierre Airport
FR XAN Alençon - Valframbert Aerodrome FR XAV Albertville Aerodrome
FR XBD Bar-le-Duc - Les Hauts-de-Chée Airport FR XBF Bellegarde - Vouvray Aerodrome
FR XBK Bourg - Ceyzériat Airport FR XBV Beaune - Challanges Airport
FR XBX Bernay - Saint-Martin Airport FR XCB Cambrai - Épinoy Air Base
FR XCP Compiègne - Margny Airport FR XCW Chaumont - Semoutiers Airport
FR XCX Châtellerault - Targe Airport FR XCY Château-Thierry - Belleau Aerodrome
FR XCZ Charleville-Mézières Aerodrome FR XDA Dax - Seyresse Airport
FR XDK Dunkerque - Les Moëres Airport FR XEP Épernay - Plivot Airport
FR XGT Guéret - Saint-Laurent Airport FR XLE Lens - Bénifontaine Airport
FR XLG Lognes - Émerainville Aerodrome FR XLL Lons-le-Saunier - Courlaoux Airport
FR XLN Laon - Chambry Airport FR XLR Libourne - Artigues-de-Lussac Airport
FR XME Maubeuge Aerodrome FR XMJ Mont-de-Marsan Air Base
FR XMK Montélimar - Ancône Airport FR XMW Montauban Airport
FR XOG Orange-Caritat Air Base FR XRN Redon - Bains-sur-Oust Aerodrome
FR XSB Saint-Servan Airport FR XSG Saint-Omer - Wizernes Airport
FR XSL Sarlat - Domme Airport FR XSN Sallanches Mont-Blanc Aerodrome
FR XSS Soissons - Courmelles Airport FR XST Saintes - Thénac Airport
FR XSU Saumur - Saint-Hilaire - Saint-Florent Aerodrome FR XSW Sedan - Douzy Airport
FR XTC Saint-Claude - Pratz Aerodrome FR XTD Saint-Dié - Remomeix Airport
FR XTH Thionville - Yutz Airport FR XVF Villefranche - Tarare Airport
FR XVI Vienne - Reventin Airport FR XVN Verdun - Le Rozelier Airport
FR XVO Vesoul - Frotey Airport FR XVZ Vierzon - Méreau Aerodrome
FR XWA Coulommiers - Voisins Aerodrome FR XXG Autun - Bellevue Aerodrome
FR XXY Chelles - Le Pin Aerodrome FR XYB Meaux - Esbly Aerodrome
FR XYP Persan - Beaumont Airport FR XYT Toulouse - Montaudran Airport
FR XZB Saint-Cyr-l'École Aerodrome FR XZX Chavenay - Villepreux Aerodrome
FR ZAO Cahors - Lalbenque Airport GR AGQ Agrinio Airport
GR LRA Larissa National Airport GR PKH Porto Cheli Airport
GR PYR Andravida Airport GR SPJ Sparti Airport
HU MCQ Miskolc Airport HU PEV Pécs-Pogány International Airport
IE BLY Belmullet Aerodrome IE BYT Bantry Aerodrome
IE CLB Castlebar Airfield IE GWY Galway Airport
IE IIA Inishmaan Aerodrome IE INQ Inisheer Aerodrome
IE IOR Inishmore Aerodrome IE KKY Kilkenny Airport
IE LTR Letterkenny Airfield IE NNR Connemara Airport (Minna Airport)
IE SXL Sligo Airport IS BIU Bíldudalur Airport
IS BLO Blönduós Airport IS BXV Breiðdalsvík Airport
IS DJU Djúpivogur Airport IS FAG Fagurhólsmýri Airport
IS FAS Fáskrúðsfjörður Airport IS GUU Grundarfjörður Airport
IS HVK Hólmavík Airport IS NOR Norðfjörður Airport
IS OFJ Ólafsfjörður Airport IS OPA Kópasker Airport
IS PFJ Patreksfjörður Airport IS RFN Raufarhöfn Airport
IS SEL Selfoss Airport IS SIJ Siglufjörður Airport
IS SYK Stykkishólmur Airport IS TEY Þingeyri Airport
IT AVB Aviano Air Base IT BLX Belluno 'Arturo dell'Oro' Airport
IT CRV Crotone 'Sant'Anna' Airport IT DCI Decimomannu Air Base
IT FNU Oristano-Fenosu Airport IT FRL Forlì 'Luigi Ridolfi' Airport
IT LCC Lecce Galatina Airport IT LCV Lucca-Tassignano 'Enrico Squaglia' Airport
IT NSY Sigonella Naval Air Station IT QAQ L'Aquila-Preturo Airport
IT QBS Verona-Boscomantico Airport IT QFR Frosinone 'Girolamo Moscardini' Airport
IT QLT Latina Airport IT QPA Padua Airport
IT RAN Ravenna 'Gastone Novelli' Airport IT SAY Siena-Ampugnano Airport
IT TAR Taranto-Grottaglie 'Marcello Arlotta' Airport IT TTB Tortolì-Arbatax Airport
IT UDN Udine-Campoformido Airport IT VIC Vicenza 'Tommaso Dal Molin' Airport
LT HLJ Barysiai Airport (Šiauliai Airport) LT KLJ Klaipėda Airport
LT PNV Panevėžys Air Base (Pajuostis) LV DGP Daugavpils International Airport
LV VNT Ventspils International Airport MC MCM Monaco Heliport
ME HNO Herceg-Novi Airport ME IVG Berane Airport (Dolac Airport)
ME QBA Budva Airport ME ZBK Žabljak Airport
ME ZKQ Kotor Airport MT GZM Xewkija Heliport
NL DHR Den Helder Airport NL ENS Enschede Airport Twente
NL GLZ Gilze-Rijen Air Base NL LEY Lelystad Airport
NL LID Valkenburg Naval Air Base NL LWR Leeuwarden Air Base
NL UDE Volkel Air Base NL UTC Soesterberg Air Base
NL WOE Woensdrecht Air Base NO DLD Geilo Airport, Dagali
NO FAN Farsund Airport NO FBU Oslo Airport, Fornebu
NO GLL Gol Airport, Klanten NO HMR Hamar Airport, Stafsberg
NO QKX Kautokeino Airport PL CZW Częstochowa-Rudniki Airport
PL OSP Słupsk-Redzikowo Airport PL OSZ Koszalin-Zegrze Pomorskie Airport
PL QDG Ostrów Wielkopolski-Michałków Airfield PL QEO Bielsko-Biała-Aleksandrowice Airfield
PL QKI Kielce-Masłów Airport PL QLC Aeroclub Gliwice-Trynek
PL QLU Aeroclub Lublin-Radawiec PL QPC Płock Airport
PL QPM Opole-Polska Nowa Wieś PL QWK Włocławek-Kruszyn Airport
PL QWS Nowy Targ Airport Airport PL QXQ Stalowa Wola-Turbia Airport
PL QYD Gdynia-Babie Doły Airport PL QYO Olsztyn-Dajtki Airport
PL QYY Białystok-Krywlany Airport PL RDO Radom Airport
PL SZY Szczytno-Szymany International Airport PL ZBG Elbląg Airport
PL ZWK Suwałki Airport PT BGC Bragança Airport
PT BGZ Braga Airport PT CBP Coimbra Airport
PT CHV Chaves Airport PT PRM Portimão Airport
PT VRL Vila Real Airport PT VSE Viseu Airport
RO BAY Baia Mare Airport RO CSB Caransebeș Airport
RS BJY Batajnica Airbase RS QND Novi Sad Airport
RS UZC Užice-Ponikve Airport SE EKT Eskilstuna Airport
SE GSE Göteborg City Airport SE GVX Gävle-Sandviken Airport
SE HLF Hultsfred-Vimmerby Airport SE HUV Hudiksvall Airport
SE IDB Idre Airport SE KSK Karlskoga Airport
SE KVB Skövde Airport SE LDK Lidköping-Hovby Airport
SE OSK Oskarshamn Airport SE SOO Söderhamn Airport
SE SQO Storuman Airport SE VVK Västervik Airport
SK ILZ Žilina Airport SK LUE Bol'kovce Airport
SK POV Prešov Air Base UA CEJ Chernihiv Shestovitsa Airport
UA CKC Cherkasy International Airport UA DOK Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport
UA ERD Berdyansk Airport UA GML Kyiv Hostomel Airfield
UA HMJ Khmelnytskyi Airport UA IZL Izmail Airport
UA KCP Kamianets-Podilskyi Airport UA KGO Kirovohrad Airfield
UA KHU Kremenchuk Airport UA KRQ Kramatorsk Airport
UA KWG Dnipropetrovsk Kryvyi Rih Airport UA MIO Poltava Air Base
UA MPW Mariupol International Airport UA MXR Myrhorod Airport
UA NNN Kiev Sviatoshyn Airfield UA OOX Melitopol Airport
UA PLV Poltava Airport UA RWN Rivne International Airport
UA SEV Sieverodonetsk Airport UA TNL Ternopil International Airport
UA UCK Lutsk Airport UA VSG Luhansk International Airport
UA ZTR Zhytomyr Airport UK ABB RAF Abingdon
UK ADX RAF Leuchars UK AKT Akrotiri Airport
UK BBP Bembridge Airport UK BBS Blackbushe Airport
UK BEQ RAF Honington UK BEX RAF Benson
UK BFC Bedford Castle Mill Airfield UK BLK Blackpool Airport
UK BWF Barrow-in-Furness Walney Island Airport UK BZZ RAF Brize Norton
UK CLF RAF Coltishall UK COL Coll Airport
UK CSA Colonsay Airfield UK DGX RAF Saint Athan
UK ENK Enniskillen/St Angelo Airport UK EOI Eday Airport
UK ETR Aldenham Elstree Airfield UK FAB Farnborough Airport
UK FFD RAF Fairford UK FIE Fair Isle Airport
UK FOA Foula Airport UK FSS RAF Kinloss
UK FZO Bristol Filton Airport UK HAW Haverfordwest Aerodrome
UK HRT RAF Linton-on-Ouse UK KIN Kingsfield Air Base
UK KNF RAF Marham UK KRH Redhill Aerodrome
UK LKZ RAF Lakenheath UK LMO RAF Lossiemouth
UK LYE RAF Lyneham UK MHZ RAF Mildenhall
UK MSE Kent (Manston) Airport UK NDY Sanday Airport
UK NHT RAF Northolt UK NQT Nottingham Airport
UK NRL North Ronaldsay Airport UK OBN Oban Airport
UK ODH RAF Odiham UK ORM Sywell Aerodrome
UK OUK Outer Skerries Airport UK PLH Plymouth Airport
UK PPW Papa Westray Airport UK PSL Perth Aerodrome
UK PSV Papa Stour Airfield UK PZE Penzance Heliport
UK QCY RAF Coningsby UK QFO Duxford Aerodrome
UK QLA Lasham Airfield UK QUG Chichester/Goodwood Airport
UK QUY RAF Wyton UK RCS Rochester Airport
UK SKL Broadford Airfield UK SOY Stronsay Airport
UK SQZ RAF Scampton UK SWS Swansea Airport
UK SZD Sheffield City Airport UK TSO Tresco Heliport
UK UPV RAF Upavon UK WHS Whalsay Airport
UK WRY Westray Airport UK WTN RAF Waddington
UK YEO RNAS Yeovilton VA 990 Vatikan City Heliport