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User Settings

These are the Demo page sample settings (no, not functional). We still work on the individual settings and plan to make them available once we have route level analysis.

All purchases are on company level and inherited by any new user. The user can then override individual settings per airport.

Company/User Details
Invoice AddressRheinring 3c
38120 Braunschweig
Extra Invoice ReferenceAccount# 234, Project 456
Company Color#C85A17(Default: #0000a0)
NameJane Doe(First Last)
Default AirportBWE
Hide Isochr. Airports0Default: 0
Show Isochrone Level 40Default: No (0)
Darker Percent Map Layers1.0Default 1.0
PaymentPayPalOptional: Invoice
Payment Limit0max invoice amount

Airport Settings can also be modified for specific airports on a per user level, overriding the standard company settings. Any adjustement to color and opacity are reflected in the copyright notice on the map.

Company color is used for the map layers. You can also display a custom logo on your airport, for which we need a square image, scalable EPS or SVG preferred, PNG minimum size 200x200px possible. The logo upload is planned for a later time, at this time, this is handled manually our side.